Pyongyang: We will respond firmly to the exercises of America and South Korea

Pyongyang announced on Monday that it will respond to joint US-South Korea exercises with “sustainable, resolute and radical” military measures, the official Northern news agency reported.

The agency cited the military for describing the air exercises conducted by South Korea and the United States last week as clear provocation and dangerous war games, pledging to continue responding with “firm and overwhelming” military measures.

The warning came in the middle of a series of test missiles carried out by North Korea in recent weeks, including four ballistic missiles launched on Saturday, days after the United States and South Korea concluded their largest air exercises ever.

storm wakefulness

Previously, Pyongyang described the “Watchful Storm” exercises as “provocative and hostile”, threatening Seoul and Washington to “pay the greatest price in history”.

North Korea sees military exercises between the United States and South Korea as exercises to invade its territory or overthrow its regime.

existential threat

In September, North Korea made changes to its nuclear doctrine that allow it to carry out pre-emptive strikes in Case of existential threat to the Kim Jong Un regime.

The new doctrine states that if the North Korean nuclear “command and control system” is exposed to “the risk of attack by enemy forces, a nuclear strike will be launched automatically and immediately”.

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