Qatar allows Gulf fans entry without requiring World Cup tickets

Doha – “Al-Quds Al-Arabi”: all citizens and residents of Gulf Cooperation Council countries can now enter in Qatar and enjoy the atmosphere of the World Cup without applying for the “Haya” card, which in previously it was a condition for entering the Arab country that hosts the World Cup. And Qatar’s Interior Ministry has announced that citizens and residents of Gulf countries can enter the country without the need to obtain a “Haya” card for unmatched ticket holders through all official outlets. Qatar’s Interior Ministry posted a tweet on its documented Twitter page, announcing the possibility of entry for visitors from Cooperation Council countries through the land port using buses for all travelers and allocating seats auto free for visitors. Subsequently, starting from December 8, the mechanism of entry through the land port by private means will be approved, provided that an entry permit is obtained through the website of the Ministry of the Interior at least 12 hours before the date of travel, without requesting advance payment – registration fees for vehicles. A statement regarding the abolition of the requirement to obtain a #Haya_card for entry into the State of #Qatar for citizens and residents of Gulf Cooperation Council countries, other than match ticket holders # Interior_Qatar # World_Cup_2022 # Qatar 2022 — Ministry of Interior – Qatar (@MOI_Qatar) December 6, 2022 Gulf public interaction with decision allowing large groups to enter in Qatar and experience the World Cup, which has aroused the interest of many. Many welcomed the decision, which allows them to experience the atmosphere of the first World Cup organized by an Arab country. The images spread in around the world on the atmosphere of the World Cup in Qatari have prompted many to come to Doha and enjoy the organized events accompanying the tournament. Qatar World Cup set record for the number of fans who attend the matches, as well as visitors enjoying the events accompanying the tournament, some of which are attended by Haya card holders.