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"Qatar Energy"We plan to lead the LNG trade

Qatar Energy CEO Saad Al Kaabi said today, Tuesday, that Qatar Energy hopes to become the world’s leading liquefied natural gas trading company.

The CEO indicated that the company is committed to achieving this goal through organic growth and is already working on building commercial teams.

Al-Kaabi said: “Given the natural expansion of the company, Qatar Energy is looking to become the world leader in LNG trading and is already building teams of specialists for this purpose. It has no plans to attract foreign trading companies to sell LNG. ”

Qatar is one of the three largest countries in the world in terms of gas reserves, and Qatar is working to expand the production of “blue fuel” and production of liquefied natural gas at the Northern field in the Persian Gulf.

According to Qatar’s plans, its production by 2027 will reach the level of 126 million tons of liquefied natural gas per year instead of the current 77 million tons.

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