Qatar is demanding huge compensation from Airbus due to the surface corrosion of the A350

Qatar Airways is seeking $ 618 million in damages from aircraft manufacturer Airbus in a row for surface corrosion of its A350 aircraft, a court document showed Thursday.

The company is also asking for additional compensation of $ 4 million for each day in which it has stopped operating its 21 aircraft of this type, by order of the regulators of Qatar, due to this defect, which includes corrosion and holes in the lightning protection surface.

Qatar Airways said last month that it took action in a British court against European aircraft manufacturer Airbus in an attempt to settle a dispute over the surface damage of its A350 aircraft.

The company added in a statement that all his attempts to reach a constructive solution with Airbus regarding the rapid deterioration of the surface of the Airbus A350 aircraft, which negatively affects it, have failed.

The airline said that as a result, Qatar Airways had no alternative but to seek a quick solution to this dispute through the judiciary.

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