Qatar is the closest alternative to hosting the Club World Cup after Japan’s apologies

The International Football Association “FIFA” is considering assigning the organization of the Club World Cup, which was to be organized at the beginning of next December, to some countries, after Japan officially apologized for organizing the tournament. due to the outbreak of the Corona epidemic in it.

The British newspaper, “Daily Mail”, said that the state of Qatar is the closest alternative to hosting the tournament after Japan officially apologized, especially since it successfully hosted the last edition.

In the last edition, Qatar managed to show a high potential in the light of its modern facilities and sports facilities, with an audience presence of 30% of the capacity.

He also managed to implement the “medical bubble”, a rigid system in which the movement of players, officials, organizers and all participants in the competition is limited to places of residence, training fields and stadiums, while imposing strict rules on those who have no contact with anyone since arrival in airport until departure.

However, Qatar’s organization of the next edition of the Club World Cup does not seem easy, especially as Doha is preparing to host the Arab Cup, between 30 November and 18 December, with the participation of 16 teams that will compete for seven stages.

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