Qatar World Cup data and details in an application exclusively for the masses

Doha – “Al Quds Al Arabi”: The Qatari authorities have launched pioneering initiatives for football fans, helping to provide data and data in real time for the tournament through an application available to the masses, while moving towards the exchange of information, experiences, applied practices and research on performance football and its sciences. He announced the details of the initiative in coinciding with the launch of Aspire Academy, the world sports academy in Qatar, the eighth World Summit in Doha, in collaboration with the International Football Association (FIFA). Numerous guests attended the summit, including football legends David Beckham and Arsene Wenger. The World Summit brings together a group of experts in football performance and science for the exchange of information, experience, applied practices and research in the field of football performance and science. Since its launch in 2014, the eighth edition of the Aspire Academy Global Summit will be held for the second time in Doha after the 2019 edition and less than 50 days from the start of the 2022 World Cup. teams participating in the World Cup, and more than 50 A member of the “Aspire Fellows” team of the World “, which includes some of the largest club of world football and several national federations to federations. In his opening speech, Ivan Bravo, General Manager of Aspire Academy, stressed the importance of developing young people in the game of football. “It is one of the basic elements to reach the top of this game,” he stressed. Bravo indicated that the World Summit will be held at the Football Performance Center, where the Aspire Academy and the Qatar Football Association meet. He added: “We are proud that this venue is the home of all the teams in Qatar and is an example of how youth development and great football experiences work together to ensure continuity.” Bravo also invited the International Football Association (FIFA) to become a permanent partner of the World Summit in its upcoming editions. For his part, Arsene Wenger, director of global football development at FIFA and former Arsenal manager, stressed the importance of youth development. “I have visited Aspire Academy many times before and have been impressed with the quality of the facilities and training here, as well as the motivation behind setting up the academy,” he said. He added: “There is a direct relationship between the education and training of young people and the success of national teams.” Wenger stressed the importance of artificial intelligence in football and data analytics to advance the game. Wenger shared with the audience some tips on how to understand the game and the movements of the players. Wenger raised the main topic of discussion for the day, which is “the data and its impact”, as he explained that the data will improve the experience at the next World Cup. “There will be an app for fans to provide them with data in real time during the game and i media authorized players will have access to more statistics and to the entire team, “he said. The” Stars Chat “featured former Argentina and Manchester United midfielder Juan Sebastian Veron. in an open dialogue to answer questions. He also stressed the importance of data and its impact on football, noting that i club Argentines have recently begun to rely on them. He said data analytics can help support and guide players, but stressed that creativity and skill on the pitch will always be key. He also pointed out that the World Cup in Qatar will be a great tournament. “The proximity of the stadiums of the tournament will benefit the teams and the fans,” said Veron, president of Estudiantes de la Plata. The sessions concluded with a round table on “data and their impact” in the presence of committee members, including analysts from the Croatian, Danish, Swiss and Belgian associations and football physiologists. senior of the Aspire Academy and FC Barcelona. Everyone stressed the importance of data and analytics, but they can’t replace creativity or skill. Qatar Aspire Academy Since its inauguration in 2004, the Aspire Academy for Sports Excellence has become one of the leading national sports academies in the world. It represents a sports group owned by the Aspire Zone Foundation and has established an international sports destination at the heart of the sports revolution in course in Qatar and the region. The Academy develops, promotes and implements revolutionary excellence through sports training and the development of elite athletes, enabling an entire generation of talented and committed Qatari athletes to realize their sporting dreams. In collaboration with the other members of the Aspire Zone Foundation (Aspire Logistics and Aspetar Hospital Qatar specialized in orthopedics and sports medicine). Aspire Academy develops sports champions, promotes healthy lifestyles and stimulates the sports economy.