“Quality of Life “: host the” Formula 1 “world race, consolidating the Kingdom’s position as a center of major events

The Executive Director of Implementation Support and the Executive Director responsible for Marketing and Communications at Quality of Life Program Center, Khalid bin Abdullah Al-Bakr, explained that the Kingdom’s organization of Formula 1 races in Jeddah comes at the height of the transformation in the sports sector since the launch of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, adding that the phase post-Formula 1 will stand out more within the Kingdom Vision 2030 initiatives implemented by the Ministry of Sport to make the Kingdom a global center for internationalization of leagues and sporting events.

Al-Bakr stressed that the Formula 1 race is not just a normal sports race, but rather a global event, which includes the unique experience of the teams participating in the race on the one hand and the experience of the public on the other. through the races and events that accompany the great world event.

He pointed out that Formula 1 events, similar to major international sporting events such as the Dakar International Rally, Extreme X races and others, contribute to the creation of an integrated business cycle on the shores of the event, which helps to revitalize tourism, sectors entertainment and recreation (restaurants and cafes) and the like, which improves the economy of host cities.

He said that, in the context of building a Formula 1 circuit, the Ministry of Sport and the Saudi Automobile and Motorcycle Federation have coordinated with the relevant authorities to develop an integrated vision for the unique global event. been prepared for this, some of which will remain in Jeddah even after the end of the event, emphasizing that Formula 1 A tourist event as much as a global sporting event, and has been equipped with an integrated vision to experience participants from the vision of the races enjoying the events and activities offered by the city of Jeddah to the public, noting that these global events such as Formula 1 races help to strengthen the Kingdom’s position as a hub for hosting events and championships.International sports, empowerment and support of local federations, improvement of local participation in these tournaments, in addition to enhancing the participation of the community with the events accompanying each tournament.

Interestingly, the hospitality of the Kingdom of Formula 1 events is part of the initiatives of the Quality of Life Program, one of the programs to realize the Kingdom Vision 2030 that the Ministry of Sport is implementing. The event contributes to the achievement of the strategic goal of the Kingdom Vision 2030 entrusted to the program, which is “reaching excellence in different sports regionally and globally “under the initiative to host global events, as hosting global events helps to enhance the skills and abilities of elite teams and athletes, contributing to the achievement of the Kingdom’s illustrious sporting achievements at regional and global level.

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