Quote “SODIC” at 20 pounds. How much are the valuations of other real estate securities worth in Egypt?

Mayar Al-Ashry, Vice President and Real Estate Analyst at Al-Ahly Pharos Securities Brokerage, said in an interview with “Al Arabiya” that “Pharos” provided parallel valuations for real estate stocks based on the “SODIC” deal.

Al-Ashry reported that the company had The valuation is based on the price of the offer presented by Aldar Properties. The Sixth of October Development Company “SODIC” at a share price of £ 20.

And by calculating the valuation of SODIC in light of the offer, at a value of 7.1 billion pounds, Pharos has given parallel valuations for the other shares in the sector, so that the valuation of the shares of Talaat Moustafa comes to 17.7 pounds. , compared to the current price of £ 7.8 per share.

Orascom Development’s share was estimated at EGP 18.7 compared to the current price of EGP 4.99 and Palm Hills at EGP 5.07 compared to the current price of EGP 2.08.

Al-Ashry explained that valuation methods lead to variable estimates and it is difficult to judge in definitive way the stock’s trends on the market and the timing to reverse the impact of news on the stock.

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