R. Kelly and Kodak Black enjoyed this impressive Thanksgiving meal while in prison

Much can be said about the American penitentiary system and it is still subject to much criticism and controversy, but it seems to have its good side.

Recently, various culpable celebrities – along with others awaiting conviction – shared details about the delicious meals they enjoyed for Thanksgiving.

Being behind bars should not be an obstacle to enjoying a good meal on one of the most iconic holidays in the country, and everyone in the system seems to be on the same page about it.

This year’s names include Suge Knight, R. Kelly and Kodak Black, who gave many details about what they enjoyed while they were behind bars.

The details are output by auxiliary channels and not directly by the stars. Yet they include so far the cornmeal stuffing, the gravy, the pecan pie and various other delicious products that might even be hard to get out of prison.

This has raised questions about the nature of the entire penitentiary system and the announcement has revived old discussions about how things work in the United States.

However, it does not seem that the actors of the system with a more direct capacity have much to complain about at the moment.

In addition to being deprived of their direct liberty, many of them seem to lead a more decent life than the majority of people who lead “normal” lives outside prison.

Meanwhile, social media are discussing the Kelly scandal and are attacking some of the parents.

One person said, “Parents must also go to jail. Everyone wanted money. “

Another speaker said, “This man is wrong. They even got worse for letting their child see this 23 year old man I had known since the beginning of a child if I knew that their parents knew they had to be in the cell next to him. “

This disciple explained: “I will never understand the crowd” what about parents? “. Nobody is more responsible than the real predator. Like, what do they want? We imprison the parents but not R. Kelly?


What are your thoughts on this exchange? Can Kelly beat these different cases in 2020?

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