R. Kelly is said to be in a good mood for this unsurprising reason in the middle of a report that he is suspected of wanting revenge on the witnesses

As recent information suggests R&B star R. Kelly may soon find himself under even stricter scrutiny than before because federal agents have reason to suspect that he plans to take revenge on some of the main witnesses to his trial .

Kelly’s fist has raised suspicions from federal authorities with her continued efforts to find the real names of Jane Doe 2 and Jane Doe 3, who allegedly testified in court because they were sexually abused by the singer “I Believe I Can Fly “in the past.

Currently, federal agents support the theory that the 52-year-old singer and songwriter can take revenge and order people loyal to him to harm witnesses in some way, so that they do not testify not later.

It is not the first time that Kelly is believed to have been plotting against people who have spoken out against him, because the former star’s manager, Jason Mason, was suspected of having intimidated one of his victims. inferred.

In addition, Derrel Mc David, who has also worked for the singer in the past, has been charged with concealing the criminal activities of the R&B legend and paying money to the abused girls, so that they don’t talk about it to the public. .

The lead federal prosecutor for the Kelly case, Richard P. Donoghue, said that the defendant had reasons to falsify the witnesses because their absence could result in a shorter sentence for him.

Donoghue also said that the singer still had access to important resources and to people who followed his orders.

Donoghue said: “There is an important incentive for the accused to falsify witnesses in an attempt to avoid spending a long time in prison.”

One person said, “I’m watching this documentary about R. Kelly. Why the whore is not that old man Demetrious Smith in jail now. He was a facilitator of rape and child abuse. He protected R Kelly, and he knew it all the time. He forged papers to marry a minor … lock up his old ass and let him rot in prison. “


Meanwhile, it is claimed that Kelly, known as a prolific writer for over 25 years, works hard behind bars and prepares songs and would be in a good mood despite the drama.

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