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Racing Tesla: A Company in Rise Takes on the European Market

The Chinese company (Xpeng), specialized in auto electric cars, considered the Chinese competitor of the American giant Tesla, has launched two of its own auto electric in several European countries, in an important step in the heated competition between the two and American companies on the active European market.

The company said a modified version of its sedan (P7) and SUV (G9) has become available to order in Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands and Sweden, according to a report published by the American network “CNBC”, which was seen by Al Arabiya.net.

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Brian Guo, president of Xpeng, said the launch strengthens the company’s European presence.

This race between the two companies in the European market comes after a difficult year for US firm Tesla, which is currently looking to expand into international markets as demand for its vehicles has been impacted in China during the past year.

The report said that the “Expeng” launch of two new auto in Europe could put the Chinese and American companies in collision course in these new markets.

Exping priced its P7 sedan lower than the auto Tesla competitors in Denmark, Norway, the Netherlands and Sweden, although the producer of auto US electric is lowering prices globally to boost sales.

The Chinese company says its P7 sedan can travel a distance of 576 kilometers without recharging, and at a price that starts in Holland from 49 thousand and 990 euros (about 55 thousand dollars), while theauto “Tesla Model 3” , which according to the manufacturer, travels 602 kilometers for a fee, one in Holland from 52 thousand and 990 euros.

The Chinese company will face stiff competition in Europe, not only by Tesla, but by other Chinese automakers and European auto giants, such as Volkswagen, which is betting its future on auto electric.

China’s Xpeng has accelerated its international push over the past year after opening physical stores in Europe last year and having launched the relatively large P5 sedan.

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