Racism and a $ 25 million lawsuit against the US “Sesame Street” program.

A Baltimore family mentioned in judgment a theme park in Sesame Street style for $ 25 million on racial discrimination allegations, claiming the characters in multiple dresses ignored their five-year-old daughter at a welcome meeting last month because she was black.

https: // www.youtube.com / watch? v = DYpCZRL5Z2Y

An American mother posted a video in to which her little girl was subjected to racism by one of the characters of the famous American program “Sesame Street”. While the “Sesame Street” doll wandered in a carnival parade, interacting with the children, the doll decided to ignore the dark-skinned children, despite their calls and their enthusiasm to meet her. The video spread widely and received a wave of anger, including from famous people in the United States, which led to earlier videos of “Sesame Street” dolls demonstrating racist and ignoring black children. The “Sesame Street” program said, “The Sesame program is aware of the accident at the Sesame site in Philadelphia and what the children have been exposed to is unacceptable.”

The statement confirmed that the administration of their Philadelphia center will conduct an “anti-racism” training course for workers and promised that the center will take the necessary measures.