Raiders owner Mark Davis gives a ‘fruitless’ interview after the final game in Oakland

Raiders owner Mark Davis is called heartless for his interview after the final Raiders game in Oakland.

Davis was asked to share his feelings with the team he moved to Las Vegas – and had some interesting words to leave.

“I was already there in 1982 when we first left,” Davis told the Oakland KTVU news station. “That’s why the deal is not so big right now.”

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Raiders fans were unhappy with Davis’ comments.

This has everything you’d expect from Mark Davis:
1. Inappropriate
2. Sister
3. Impatient for PR
4. Clownish wardrobe straight outta “Dumb & Dumber”
5. Deep Stupid
6. Can barely put together a phrase.
7. Public embarrassment

– Chris De Benedetti (@ CDeBenedetti) December 16, 2019

He can’t even come up with literally anything to say … deplorable. How funny.

– Danna (@rockridgeAsfan) December 16, 2019

Mark Davis is an asshole. This is exactly why cities need to stop offering prosperity to @NFL teams. Look at Stan Kroenke. Leave St. Louis high and dry. The Spaniard tightened San Diego. Both screwed on for LA. These owners do nothing for these cities. They care about $$$.

– rolandsmartin (@rolandsmartin) December 17, 2019

I would not want to relocate to any fan base it is ever disastrous. Be thankful that most of you are fans of teams whose owners value the faith. Mark Davis is the scum of the earth.

– Roddy (@TheRoddyP) December 16, 2019

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