Rainbow Six Extraction Six trophies revealed

After Rainbow Six Six draw was revealed and was no longer called “Wuarantine”, more is more the details have arrived light.

So now the full trophy results were revealed. There will be a total of 42 trophies on PS4 and PS5, maybe only 41 on the Xbox, which remains to be seen.

Rainbow Six draw trophy list

  • Slap fight
    Press 3 enemies with melee attacks.

  • Vertigo
    Stun 200 enemies.

  • Boom
    Kill 50 enemies with explosive gadgets or abilities.

  • eagle eye
    Scan 50 enemies with REACT Tech.

  • Stay alive
    Revive 3 allies.

  • Keep ‘Em Comin’
    Kill 6 different enemies in a row.

  • dissected
    Eliminate 50 nests.

  • defused
    Eliminate 50 Breachers or Bloaters.

  • Eeeeeee
    Kill 75 sludge with Explosives.

  • Eliminate them
    Kill 100 Recruits.

  • Don’t talk to the rangers
    Kill 150 Tormentors and Spikers.

  • Tidy up
    Kill 30 Blinding Spores.

  • no hugs
    Kill 50 Tormentors without being captured by them.

  • Beaten
    Kill 5 Destroyers with a Takedown.

  • Regicide
    Kill 25 quotes.

  • Reaper
    Kill 30 Sowers.

  • Adrenaline
    Kill and enemy while prone.

  • Dark reflection
    Kill a protean.

  • Welcome home
    rescue 1 of your Operators.

  • unharmed
    Mined from a raid at 80% health or higher after completing all goals

  • Big Apple calls
    Complete 20 objectives in New York.

  • Frisco tied
    Complete 20 objectives in San Francisco.

  • Towards the north
    Complete 20 objectives in of Alaska.

  • Consequential
    Complete 20 objectives in Truth or Consequences.

  • inflexible
    Complete the goal on the third sub-map without falling DBNO 15 times.

  • To do
    Complete 5 different objectives.

  • High score
    Earn a score of 55,000 Intel in one raid.

  • Specialist
    Earnings 75,000 Intel in Office or crisis raids.

  • Probable mission
    Extracted from a raid with all goals completed and not one MY.

  • Out with the boys
    Complete all objectives on a raid with only male operators.

  • Girls’ night
    Complete all objectives on a raid with only operators.

  • Biggest Kahuna
    Complete all objectives and extract on 5 Raids with a level 10 operator.

  • curious Cu
    To interact with a point of discovery

  • field work
    To interact with 5 discovery points in each Region.

  • Encyclopedia
    To interact with 100 discovery points

  • It’s all connected
    Read the description of the goal quest of each region.

  • Greater Flex
    Excerpt from a Raid later completing all talents of Arms.

  • Not scared of Jelly
    Destroy the sprawl with the jet laser in a raid.

  • Nut gun
    Equip 15 weapon attachments.

  • Charmed
    Equip a legendary amulet

  • Spiffy
    Equip a uniform on 9 different operators

  • Proud Dad
    Equip the headgear on 18 different level 10 operators.

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