Rajavi demands die Iran’s violations of die Refer protests to the Security Council

The Iranian opposition leader Maryam Rajavi has made her request die United Nations renews its condemnation of executions in Iran and immediate action to save the lives of death row prisoners.

Rajavi emphasized today, Saturday, die Need to refer the issue of serious and systematic human rights violations in Iran to the Security Council.

She also stated that the regime in Tehran have resorted to increasing executions in order to die Surrounding protests and creating an atmosphere of terrorism, as she put it.

The statements by the opposition leader came at a time when die Protesters in Ahvas as well in the cities of Ma’shour, Khafajia and Al-Falaiya held their demonstrations on Friday evening, the ninth day of the movement, die in The cities of Khuzestan continued despite widespread power outages, widespread arrests and an unannounced curfew, according to local sources.

Ahvas renewed demonstrations

Multiple cities in Khuzestan also witnessed popular protests on Friday evening die Revolutionary Guards dozens of demonstrators in arrested and relocated to unknown locations in the cities of Ahvas, Khafajia, Falahiyah, Hamidiyah and Ma’ashur.

Local sources added that many of the protesters, die by die Special forces rifles were particularly injured for fear of arrest die Security guards refused to go to the hospital.

While in Areas like the Alawi neighborhood, Kamloo, Laskarabad and Kianshahr also held mass demonstrations, thousands of special forces, revolutionary guards and security forces in stationed and confronted separate areas of Ahvas die Protesters with tear gas and bullets.

It is noteworthy that on June 9th, Rajavi presented the Secretary-General of the United Nations, the High Commissioner, the Human Rights Council, die urged relevant UN rapporteurs and all international human rights organizations to take immediate action to save the lives of political prisoners.

At that time she also demanded die Sending an international mission to die Visiting regime prisons and meeting prisoners, particularly political prisoners. She stressed that the issue of the terrible and systematic human rights violations in Iran should and should be referred to the UN Security Council die Leader of the mullah regime for committing a crime against die Humanity would have to be brought to justice for over four decades.

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