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“Rampant” unemployment in Turkey . Thousands of people flock to specific jobs for less than 100 people

Job applications for vacant and limited jobs in one of the states brought the issue of unemployment back to the fore in Turkey after the hospital received 13,213 job applications, although Nida University Hospital had previously announced its desire to employ only 78 people. suggests an increase in unemployment rates after thousands of people have applied to fill these jobs, according to i media Turkish locals.

Turkish opposition parties, including the Republican People’s Party, which is the main opposition party in the country, have criticized the government against the backdrop of thousands of people rushing to jobs for which the number of people needed to join was fixed. in advance to less than 100 people, reflecting the levels of unemployment that opposition parties claim that the Turkish Statistical Institute, a body The government hides the real rates of unemployment levels.

“The Statistical Office continues to mislead people as the government denies unemployment,” said Arhan Adam, head of the Nida state branch of the Republican People’s Party, adding, according to local newspapers, that “13,213 people have applied for 78 jobs “.

He asked: “Doesn’t this mean that the country is suffering from unemployment?”, Adding that “the number of applicants for these jobs reflects actual levels of unemployment. in Turkey”.

The head of the main branch of the opposition in Nida also called for early presidential and parliamentary elections to be held, calling them “a necessity” and “must take place immediately”, as a solution to the economic crisis that has afflicted his country for years, but the opposition cannot legally oblige the “Party of Justice” and the development “of the sentence, led by President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, to hold early elections, which can only be held at the request of the president in person.

Commenting on this, economist Tolgai Türkar said: “Unemployment exists in Turkey, but its levels may decline as summer approaches, when people will start working in agriculture, industry, tourism and in other seasonal occupations “.

He added to “Al Arabiya.net”that” the cause unemployment in the country are many, but the most important are linked to the depreciation of the Turkish lira against foreign currencies during the last year “, noting that” the number of unemployed is about 4 million people “.

He added: “Unemployment has risen due to the loss of many people’s jobs due to the bankruptcy of the employers they worked for against the backdrop of the economic crisis Turkey is witnessing. in this moment, like other countries of the world. “

Although the Turkish Statistical Institute estimated in about 3 million and 579 thousand people the number of unemployed in Turkey, in February the opposition doubts the validity of these numbers and confirms that in reality are much greater.

According to the Turkish Institute, the number of unemployed fell by 187,000 in February, compared to last January.

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