Rangik on Ronaldo’s anger over his replacement: obviously I didn’t expect him to hug me

Brentford: Manchester United manager Ralph Rangik calmly responded to the anger of his multiple star in view, Cristiano Ronaldo, after being substituted in the team’s game against his host Brentford yesterday, Wednesday, in a match postponed from the 17th leg of the English Football League, which ended with United winning three goals for one goal. Rangik, 63, said: “I said I understand that you are ambitious and want to score, but after a few years, when you become technical director yourself, I hope that after 75 minutes you will make the same decision as me.” Rangik had decided to replace Ronaldo, 36, during yesterday’s game, and United were in advantage in that moment with two clear goals in homeowner, and anger was evident against the Portuguese international. Rangik confirmed that he made the decision in the interest of the team and that he wanted to strengthen the defense in this phase of the match, noting that the team had lost the lead with two goals nett against Aston Villa a few days ago, to finish the match in tie, and concluded his words about Ronaldo, saying: “And obviously I wasn’t waiting for him to hug me.” (Dpa)