Ranju Ki Betiyaan: Bulbul apologizes to Shalu

Ranju Ki Betiyaan: Bulbul apologizes to ShaluRanju Ki Betiyaan: Bulbul apologizes to Shalu

Bachu Pandey tells everyone that the wedding happened very quickly, and he doesn’t not accept a forceful marriage that took place between Vishesh and Shalu under very difficult situations. Bachu Pandey also makes Vishesh understand that Shalu rejected him once again, and he should leave her and the project as well.

Vishesh informs everyone that he loves Shalu very much, and he is ready to accept her this way. He asks her for her final decision. Shalu on the other hand denies for the marriage and tells everyone that it only happened because Muskaan was kidnapped.

Later on, Bulbul apologies to Shalu, as this situation occurred because of her and she would try and fix everything. Bulbul informs that she is going to take a big decision that would be good for the family.

How will Ranju react when Shalu denies the marriage? What decision will Bulbul take?

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