‘Ranju ki Betiyaan’: Where is Shalu?

‘Ranju ki Betiyaan’: Where is Shalu?‘Ranju ki Betiyaan’: Where is Shalu?

Ranju tells Lalita that she is really trying to convince Shanti Devi to go to the party but she is sure she won’t be going. To which Lalita asks Ranju to join the party and she politely declines.

On the other hand, Shalu is looking for a job and Lucky and Vicky are planning something against her. Next morning, we see that Shanti Devi is doing pooja and Bindu starts playing loud music. Angry Shanti Devi goes and stops the music and there is a huge drama there and everyone gathers around.

Later we see that everyone is in the party hall witnessing Guddu ji and Lalita’s grand entry. But Shalu is no where to be seen. Ranju is tensed.

Where has Shalu gone? What did Lucky and Vicky do at her workplace?

‘Ranju Ki Betiyaan’ is a heart touching story of a single mother Ranju and her struggles of raising four daughters in a patriarchal society. Catch ‘Ranju Ki Betiyaan’ at 2130 hrs on Dangal TV.

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