Ranking of Arab teams in World Cup qualifiers and qualification opportunities

This month’s international break saw Arab teams play several games in the Asian and African qualifiers for the “Qatar 2022” World Cup.

The Asian qualifiers for the 2022 World Cup have now reached the last third phase, which consists in two groups of 6 teams each, from which the champion and the second qualify, while the third qualifiers compete for the supplement card, where the winner qualifies for another supplement with a team from another continent, North, South or Oceania .

In Africa, 40 divided teams in 10 groups are currently competing in the second qualifying round, with the leaders of each group qualifying for the third and final round, and each team playing with another team determined by the draw in a round trip. -fourth match to determine the five African seats in the World Cup finals in Qatar.

The Saudi and Moroccan teams are the biggest beneficiaries of the current stop for the Nationals, in how much the first team led the second group in the Asian qualifiers, getting full points by winning the prime four games, while the second ensured early qualification for the decisive role in the African qualifiers, after having obtained the full score also by obtaining 12 points out of 12 possible.

Egypt, Algeria and Tunisia are also expected to join Morocco in the decisive round, as the three teams are currently in lead their respective groups, two rounds from the end of the competitions.

On the other hand, with the exception of Saudi Arabia in the Asian qualifiers, most of the Arab teams are suffering, and are starting to pull away from the competition, such as Syria, which suffered its third defeat on Tuesday in the fourth game, and was defeated. from Lebanon with a score of 2-3, in bottom of the ranking of “Nour Qasioun”, the first with an orphan point obtained by drawing with the Emirates in the second round.

What is true for Syria is also true for Iraq, which occupies the fifth and last place in Group A with three points.

The following is the ranking of the Arab teams in the qualifiers for the World Cup, knowing that there are 6 games missing from the Asian qualifiers, two games in the second round of the African qualifiers, and as many in the decisive round, whose parameters have not yet been determined:

Asian Qualifiers

The first group

1- Iran – 10 points

2- South Korea – 8 points

3- Lebanon – 5 points

4- United Arab Emirates – 3 points

5- Iraq – 3 points

6- Syria – 1 point

the second group

1- Saudi Arabia – 12 points

2- Australia – 9 points

3- Oman – 6 points

4- Japan – 6 points

5- China – 3 points

6 – Vietnam – 0 points

African qualifiers

The first group

1- Algeria – 10 points

2- Burkina Faso – 10 points

3- Niger – 3 points

4- Djibouti – 0 points.

the second group

1- Tunisia – 10 points

2- Equatorial Guinea – 7 points

3- Zambia – 4 points

4- Mauritania – 1 point.

Sixth group

1- Egypt – 10 points

2- Libya – 6 points

3- Gabon – 4 points

4- Angola – 3 points.

ninth group

1- Morocco – 12 points (pre-qualified for the finals)

2- Guinea-Bissau – 4 points

3 – Guinea – 3 points

Sudan – 2 points.

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