Ranking of Star Wars films after the rise of Skywalker

Before I dive into the leaderboard, which you will tear to pieces shortly, I would like to point out that this is my personal list and is not Game Informer as a whole. I would also like to say that I appreciate elements of each of these films. They all strengthen the core Star Wars story in their very own way. The dark threat is a film that most people mock Jar Jar Binks, but without it we would not have had Darth Maul or this great scene in which Qui-Gon Jinn uses his lightsaber to melt a metal door. The return of the Jedi delivers one of the coolest space battles in the entire cinema, but also a battle in which the empire is (practically) put down by tiny bears.

In addition, film technology is evolving rapidly, and every Star Wars film deals with the good and bad. Rogue OneThe visual effects of are top notch, with the exception of some CGi characters that may look worse than anything else Attack of the clones, Some of us may even prefer rough dolls over detailed CGi models.

All of these things play a role in my rankings, but I’m mainly referring to the impact they had on me, both when I saw them originally and today. As always, I look forward to your feedback in the comments section, but I would particularly appreciate your ranking of the films.

With all of that, it’s on the list …

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