‘Raosaheb’: – Marathi film will be produced by Neha Pendse.

Actress Neha Pendse’s Marathi film ‘June’ was released recently. The film was released on the country’s first Marathi OTT platform ‘Planet Marathi’. Neha played the lead role along with Siddharth Menon in the film. At the same time, the film is also being well liked. With this, Neha is now ready with her next Marathi film which she is producing. The first poster of the new film was shared. Raosaheb’ This Marathi film is to be released in the winter next year. Talking about the poster, lion and other animals are shown in the poster. The story of the film will be related to the wildlife and the people who are protecting them. Many Marathi artists are producing this Marathi film together. However, till now no information has been given about the casting of the film. Other information related to the film will be shared soon.

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The film is being directed by Nikhil Mahajan. Nikhil had also directed Neha and Siddharth Menon’s film ‘June’. Apart from this, Nikhil has also made many great Marathi films like Pune 52, Baazi and Betaal. At the same time, this Marathi film ‘Godavari’ made by Nikhil will also be released soon. Raosaheb The story of this film has been written jointly by Prajakt Deshmukh, Shripad Pandey and Nikhil Mahajan. Talking about the producer of the film, Planet Marathi, Akshay Vilas Bardapurkar, Neha Pendse, Jitendra Joshi and Nikhil Mahajan are producing this film. Soon the shooting of the film will be started and the film will be released next year.

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