“Raoum Trading” offers 20% in the “Nomu” market on January 30th

Raoum Trading Company has announced the prospectus for the offer of one million of its shares in the parallel market “Nomu”, equal to 20% of the capital of the company.

The company clarified in the prospectus published on the Saudi Capital Market Authority website today, Wednesday, that the offer period will last 5 days, starting from Sunday 30 January, until 3 February 2022.

It stated that the minimum subscription is 10 shares, while the maximum limit is 249.9 million shares and the final allotment of the shares of the offering will be announced on February 8 and the excess will be redeemed on February 13, 2022.

Al Nefaie Investment Group acts as lead manager, while Wasata Capital plays the role of financial advisor.

The prospectus indicated that the subscription of the offering shares, in accordance with the requirements of the rules of the offering of securities and continuing bonds, will be limited to categories of qualified investors, which include financial market institutions acting on their own behalf and clients of an institution. of the financial market authorized to carry out management activities, provided that the financial market institution has been designated with conditions It allows it to make decisions in on the acceptance of the participation in the offer and the investment in the parallel market on behalf of the client without the need to obtain his prior approval.

The categories available to them to participate in the offer also include the government of the Kingdom, any government body, any international body recognized by the Authority, the market and any other financial market recognized by the Authority, or the depository center, as well as a company. government-owned, directly or through a portfolio It is managed by a financial market institution authorized to carry out management activities.

The “Raoum Trading” was established in 1992, with a current capital of 50 million riyals, is based in the city of Bareed, and operates in the trade of glass, mirrors and decorations. in aluminum and their installation.

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