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Rape of chaste women in Houthi prisons

The SAM Organization for Rights and Freedoms has published a United Nations report in which he monitored the most heinous and immoral violations practiced by the Houthi militia, the Iranian arm in Yemen, against women detained in its prisons.The torture to which abducted women are subjected is the deprivation of sun and bathrooms except once or twice a day , and lengthy late-night interrogations.A human rights report revealed that the Houthi militia has kidnapped more than 1,700 women since 2014, according to the organization.

Recruiting 18,000 children

In another context, the Houthi militia recognized the recruitment of 3,000 members to its ranks, most of them young, during the term of the UN-sponsored humanitarian truce. in Yemen, and media Houthis reported that the “Central Military Region” celebrated the graduation of what they called the “extreme value” lot, their number is “three thousand”, and also announced that the new recruits have received military training, in combat preparation in the ranks of the Houthi militia.

And the formations of the elements that have recently been recruited from the centers and summer courses are led by Abdul-Khaleq Al-Houthi (brother of the militia leader Abdul-Malik Al-Houthi), imitator of the rank of major general and commander of the so-called ” Central Military Region ”of the group.

The Houthi militia took advantage of the humanitarian truce from its earliest moments, with large-scale mobilizations, recruitments and training through centers and summer courses in Many camps in its areas of influence, to make up for the severe shortage of fighters. that 10-year-olds were recruited.

harassment and rape

In addition, many Yemeni humanitarian organizations have confirmed that thousands of children have been forced to participate in the fighting, through various means adopted by the militia, either by intimidation or solicitation or by extortion, and stressed that those who survived the death in front lines were subjected to terrible shocks, even rape and harassment.

The priority of opening roads to Taiz

In another context, the office of the United Nations envoy in Yemen, Hans Grundberg, announced that he had met in the capital of Oman, Muscat, the head of the Houthi negotiating delegation, Muhammad Abdul Salam, and a number of Omani officials and members of the diplomatic corps in Muscat The Armistice, in particular the priority of opening roads to Taiz e in other governorates.

To alleviate suffering

He stressed that the opening of roads is key to relieving the human suffering of the Yemenis and building trust, and also stressed the importance of the opportunity offered by the armistice to provide tangible relief to Yemenis. in across the country and to reach a political solution.

The special envoy of the United Nations Secretary-General in Yemen had stressed the same issue to the president of the Yemeni Transitional Council, Rashad Al-Alimi, believing that the opening of the Taiz crossings is still an urgent priority for its efforts to advance consultations and progress towards other files.


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