“Rapid Support” in Sudan denies Haaretz report..”false inventions”

The Rapid Support Forces in Sudan, led by Muhammad Hamdan Dagalo, nicknamed “Hemedti”, denied what was published Wednesday by the Israeli newspaper Haaretz about obtaining a shipment of advanced systems and technologies that were transferred in Darfur.

In a press statement, he said: “Some media they circulated false reports stating that the Rapid Support Forces had obtained a shipment of advanced systems and technologies and deported them in Darfur, after they had arrived in Khartoum by private plane.”

He also added: “In the face of these false fabrications, the Rapid Support Forces categorically state that all the information contained in the report is incorrect and has nothing to do with the truth,” according to the Sudanese news agency “SUNA”.


He also indicated that “the repeated attempts that some parties have conducted, to weave lies and promote them as fact, to distort the image of the forces and brand them in violation of the law, have become unmasked and do not deceive the acumen of anyone who is right and insightful.”

While inviting “all the media not to be guided by false rumors”, underlining that “their doors are open to obtain real information” and underlining that “reserves the full right to legally prosecute the promoters of these lies”.

Interestingly, “Haaretz” had reported that an Israeli company based in Cyprus had sent a shipment of advanced systems and technologies to the rapid support forces in Sudan.

In its report, the newspaper stated that the forces of rapid support in Sudan they had carried the shipment in Darfur.

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