Rapper Young Thug Says He’s Losing Millions Due To Pandemic

It’s been reported numerous times in the last month that the coronavirus pandemic has actually had an unfavorable impact on the world economy, and the music market is no various.

Particularly in the age of streaming and low physical sales, carrying out artists count on performances more than ever as an earnings stream. Earnings diversity has actually just ended up being more crucial to the typical carrying out artist as the years have actually passed.

Young Thug, the rapper, is simply one artist to comment on the absence of money made throughout this time. Throughout a current discussion with the well-known, Big Kid, Young Thug shared how his wallet has actually been struck hard by COVID-19

According to Signboard, Big Kid asked him how much he was going to lose over the next couple of months, and YT approximated around $5 million due to the public lagging closed doors at the minute. Thugger shown the host that it’s going to cost him “double,” since he can’t do shows, and likewise has expenses to pay.

While his earnings stream has actually decreased, Young Thug declares the quarantine itself is going to cost him money since he needs to look after his mom and daddy. Thug declared his moms and dads, in addition, wish to remain in a penthouse suite, and obviously, that costs a lot more.

In addition, Thugger shared what he considered Lil’ Uzi Vert and how he didn’t wish to welcome the young rapper over to his house any longer since he’s “the f*cking devil.” Young Thug joked that he has actually been breaking things in his house and doing all sort of “little evil stupid s**t.”

In other news, Young Thug has actually aspired to spread out warning messages to the public on his Instagram, consisting of a bible passage warning his followers to focus on the rise of coronavirus cases in the United States.


Paraphrasing the Bible passage: if the world is going through a crisis, whether it be on their individual, to their land, or their source of food, society should “repent” and after that God will “make their land prosperous again.”

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