Rasheeda Frost flaunts a fiery red Bob and looks amazing while inviting fans to her busy shop

Rasheeda Frost flaunts new hair before the New Year, and it seems bombarded. She thrills a fiery bob, and fans congratulate her in the video she shared on her social media account.

“I guess it’s safe to say it’s my new favorite hair color! Hair courtesy of @diamonddynastyvirginhair Ras’ Rasheeda has captioned her video.

One fan said, “U can switch any color and it looks good on ????” and someone else posted this: “Gorgeous! Which corrector do you use? # Flawless???? ”

One person posted, “You are very pretty and can rock everything,” and another Instagrammer said, “Beautiful Ms. Rasheeda, I like the color of the hair.”

Rasheeda also shared a video of her busy boutique in which she invites people to her boutique to discover new products before the most glamorous party of the year.

Someone sprang up on Rasheeda’s style and said, “Girlfriend, I love this jacket you wear, I love your style,” and someone else posted, “I remember I ‘was in A, I came in a hurry to look for you, girl’

One fan also praised Rasheeda and said, “You look great in this Rasheeda video, showing your pretty closet.”

Someone called the boss: “a talented woman has beautiful, beautiful, remarkable clothes on display for you to buy, come and check out her wardrobe, she has very beautiful, wonderful, beautiful clothes that are so incredibly elegant and excellent.”

A few days ago, Rasheeda sprung on her son, Karter Frost, who decorated the Christmas tree.


She told fans that they made the tree just before Christmas Eve, but it’s better to be late than not to put it down at all.

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