Rasheeda Frost shares video celebrating 20th anniversary with Kirk Frost – Grace Hamilton dances with couple

Rasheeda Frost and Kirk Frost made sure to publicly declare their love for each other on social media the other day. They announced to fans that they were celebrating their 20th anniversary happily, and people were happy to see them together after all this time.

Rasheeda has now shared a video in which she dances with Kirk and Grace Hamilton, who also sprang from the couple’s love in the comments.

“We had fun spicing up with @spiceofficial last night to celebrate our anniversary look # 20 at @ frost117 it’s so funny ❤️❤️???????? #dafrostfam #blacklove # 20years old,” said Rasheeda in his article.

Grace jumped into the comments and said, “Happy BIG 20 again, your love is amazing. ???????????????? kirk is something else ???????????? Always run away from dance. “

Someone came out of the party and wrote, “It’s good to see everyone smiling and having fun.”

Another follower wished the couple every success and wrote: “Happy birthday @ frost117 @rasheeda blessings and positivity. May your light continue to shine through the universe and inspire the world !!! “

Somoene also posted: “It’s real love !! Whatever obstacle stood in the way. You overcame it and you grew it! All beautiful love has shown everyone that love exists, and you have to work on everything that is worth it. Bless your love for a lifetime. “

One fan exclaimed, “Girl, I wish you were my best friend! Happy birthday, beautiful woman! Class lady da the best???????????? ’and someone else posted:‘ Awww 20yrs of marriage # bliss # cheers to many more beautiful years # keep it ????’❤️


Fans were really happy to see that Kirk also posted love messages on his own social media account.

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