Rating: Cosmin’s touches are clear .. fast pace .. increased goals and perfect formation

Former Al-Ittihad player Captain Abdullah Fawal revealed his great admiration for what the team presented in the match of the Abha, finished in you are for Al-Ittihad.

And he talked about the team’s cadence escalation from the Al-Raed match to the loss of the Arab Cup final against Moroccan Raja.The team was not bad, and presented a strong match, and also the Al-Faisaly match, the team was in good shape and won.

He told Al-Madina: “Maybe the Abha match is an extension of the great development in the team’s performance, and the players looked better than before and played with high concentration. Quickly with the group despite the short spell with the team. The great result reflects the coach’s technical and offensive work .. It is true that it is the first game, but he deserves the credit for motivating it. in bench and to encourage them throughout the game ”.

And he added: “My attention was drawn to the speed of the team’s pace and the high physical fitness of all the players and not to go back and keep the progress, but the great thing is the team’s desire to increase the number. from goal and registration, and this is an important turning point in the way the union plays, as well as the insistence of the players to score without stopping, which are clear indications of the manager with an offensive tendency, it is true that it is the first game, but the ‘coach with thought shows his creativity from the beginning, also from a technical point of view, his entry with the right team and the opportune changes currently calculated for Cosmin Contra, and the entry of Fahd Al-Mawlid, Aaron Kamara and Abdul Rahman Al-Yami have been very wonderful changes, especially since they give a type Motiva these players to give their best, which has already been achieved by the recording of Fahd and Kamara, but the star of the match Igor Cornado must have the due, since his arrival, he has performed a fantastic performance … recording, industry, influence in field, a player with great potential. A player who unites the lines of the team has the ability to increase the pace of the team, control the midfield and create goals out of thin air, a real great victory and with Romarinho they will be a very dangerous couple. “

And he continued: “With the entry of Yusuf Nyakate into the offensive line, Al-Ittihad has formed an offensive that will frighten the opposing defenses, and will relieve the pressure on the attacking midfielders with the presence of an explicit striker, who was Missed. from the Union for a long time, essential in this season.

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