Ravi Chauhan on his role and challenges in ‘Ittu Si Baat’

Mumbai, June 22 (IANS) ‘Girl in the City’ actor Ravi Chauhan is currently garnering accolades for his recently released debut film ‘Ittu Si Baat’.

Ravi features alongside Bhupendra Jadawat and Gayatri Bharadwaj in the film produced by Laxman Utekar and directed by Adnan Ali.

Sharing about the kind of responses he is receiving he says: “The responses have been really good. Many people from the fraternity appreciated my role in the film and liked the genuineness and simplicity of my character. People have been praising my energy level throughout and I’m getting many calls. Rest I’m looking forward to audience responses. He builds that comfortable space for newcomers like me.”

Sharing about the learnings he received from Laxman Utekar he says: “Laxman sir is very focused and clear about his craft and vision who comes with his own baggage of creativity and ideas. He is a very grounded and most humble human being I have seen. I got to learn about being passionate about work, punctuality and most importantly believing your own self. He has great leadership qualities and treated everyone equally. I feel privileged working with him.”

Expressing his joy on making film debut he adds: “I’m really very happy and excited at the same time. Also I’m quite nervous because it’s the result of a struggle for 8 years. I’m very thankful to the entire team and I’m also very grateful to my family as they have always believed and supported me as a backbone. They are really happy after watching the film.”

Talking about the challenges of playing the character of Salman he shares: “It was quite challenging but workshops and my theatre experience helped me to shape up my character. We improvised a lot on the set as per the director’s vision. Also, I got a lot of creative freedom from my director Adnan Ali and Laxman sir which helped me to pull off my role well.”

He continues: “I wish to play different kinds of roles as I have played in theatre. I want to work in many genres and not restrict myself to one category only. Let’s hope for the best in future.”