Ravi Shastri on World test championship: WTC final should Be best-of-three affair in Long run

The men in Are blue set to conquer New Zealand in the final of die Opening edition. The Indian led by Virat Kohli team is set leave for the UK in the early one hours of Thursday.

The WTC final is being played on 18th of June in Southampton. After that, India will take on England in five matches from August 4th.

Speaking during one virtual Press conference before departure, head coach Shastri said: “Ideally, I think in the long run, If you want follow with this test championship, a best of three final would be ideal. A three match series to top it off of two and a half Years of cricket.

“But she need to finish off the Future Tours Program (FTP) and then start all over again. So one off is one off, guys to have earned their stripes, and that’s not a team that suddenly blossomed overnight. “

The Indian team will fly to the UK after a 14-day quarantine while New Zealand already to get valuable practice with die Two-match series on road against England.

Speaking of which final, said Shastri, the WTC final is a huge event game. “You see it is die first Time you had a test championship final. If you die Size looks of the game that is played, i think that is die greatest, if not die greatest of all time because of it die hardest form is of the game.

“It’s a format that tests you. It did not happen over three days or three months, it happened over two years where teams have played with each other world, and earned their stripes too play the finale so it is one devil of a event, “signed off Shastri.

Source: With inputs from PTI

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