Rawas: Contra excels with realism and the correct reading of victory

The coach of the national team and former captain of the club Al-Ittihad Alaa Rawas confirmed that the match between Al-Ittihad and Al-Nasr was filled with football fun, during which Roman Cosmin Contra managed to score a clear superiority over his Brazilian counterpart Mano Menezes.

In an interview with Al-Madina, he added, technical superiority in general in the match was decided by Contra in his favor from the beginning of the fight to its end, in order to choose the appropriate formation and method of play that fit the match.

Rawas continued: “I really liked the federal manager for what he did, as his mark was clear technically, physically and mentally on the players and on the technical side.”

He added, Contra was in able, during the short term, to create a composition that fits the team system through fast play, great organization and defining the roles of each player in based on his abilities, which made the team appear in its best condition and also his ability to read the game, as it turns out he studied Nasrawi’s team well and watched him many games, and was in able to deal with the weaknesses and strengths of Nasraoui’s team, and through them, was in able to decide the game in favor of his team.

He continued: “It is Contra’s credit not to risk paying any player who is not ready, and in particularly do not rush to involve Youssef Nyakati Uziyad, the journalist, and this indicates the high and professional thinking in Contra’s performance “.

Alaa Rawas said: “I think, from my point of view, that Al-Ittihad has entered in game with calm and concentration, especially in the first ten minutes of the game, where Al-Nasr entered with offensive ferocity in search of a goal in advance. , but the federal grandstand and stability helped to absorb this start and control the pace of the match with quick and easy play towards the goal, which we have seen in all federal goals.

Roas felt that Brazilian Mano Menezes made a mistake at the start by pushing player Anselmo (not ready), which caused chaos and confusion in the Al-Nasrawi stadium midfield, and led to a clear weakness in the connection between the lines of the team, especially because Anselmo plays in a very important and sensitive position and made the team suffer in the first half, making it clear to Al-Nassr that he did not prepare well before the game and that he had read the game well.

Menezes also made a mistake by directing the dangerous and annoying Abu Bakr Vincent in one moment in which was the first to direct Abdel Razzaq Hamdallah, the least influential.

He added: From my point of view, after this defeat, the victory and the illustrious names for which he paid large sums of money deserve a better coach than Menezes.

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