Ray J finds his wife Princess Love in an annoying video during their baby shower with sister Brandy Norwood

Gathered, and it’s so embarrassing! After an unpleasant and bizarre quarrel on social media, Ray J and his very pregnant wife, Princess Love Norwood, decided to meet for their baby shower.

In a few days, Princess Love should give birth to her second child. Ray J and his wife, who are already parents of baby Melody Norwood, are expecting a baby boy.

Ray J shared a few videos of his wandering around the family home with his sister, Brandy Norwood, and mingling with all the guests at the lavish event.

At one point, during the filming, Ray J crossed paths with Princess Love, and he had a very strange reaction.

The baby shower comes a few days after Ray J confessed that he and the princess are still together after she pretended she was going to divorce because he left her stranded in Las Vegas.

He said, “Well, first of all, let me say, princess, I love you, baby, and I’m sorry for everything that happened. We’re getting cold now, and we’re going to get out I know you’re still mad at me, but as a couple you’re going through things, and it’s gotten a little out of control. Sometimes it goes public, and then everyone thinks it, but we we are good, however, as relatives and friends and as husband and wife. We have just experienced something. “

Ray J explained, “I just want to make sure they’re okay. Despite the ups and downs, we are still together, we always listen to each other and are parents. We were able to spend Thanksgiving together, and we were day to day [base]. We are still parents, we still love Melody, we still have a baby on the way, so we are working on it. “

Ray J also revealed why he was seen without his wedding ring: “I was crossing the airport, my hands needed lotion, so they got me without it.”

He went on to say, “I also had a tattoo. The tattoo is under the ring. The princess is like, “Well, it’s not as good as a tattoo,” so I have to get a better one. … I can extend it a little more. “


It seems that reconciliation is getting serious.

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