Ray J promises to be a better man after supposedly leaving Princess Love’s love “failed” in Las Vegas – reveals if he’s cheated!

Ray J promises to be a better man after supposedly leaving Princess Love's love

During Wendy Williams’ talk show, Ray J had to answer questions about her relationship with Princess Love, even if he was cheating on her! This comes after the woman, who is also pregnant at the time, accused Ray of letting her go to Las Vegas with their daughter!

Ray J insisted that it never happened and instead chose to tell the world how much he loves Princess.

‘I love you baby! If you look, I love you, I’ll be home soon, “he told him through the camera.

The two share an 18-month-old girl named Melody and are currently waiting for a second addition to the family, a little boy expected for January!

But the talk show host did not let it slip so easily and continued to confront Ray about his wife’s claim that he would have left her and her daughter in Las Vegas after Soul Soul Awards, to go to a strip club!

She even blocked it on social media after!

But Ray insisted that “No, I’ll never do it. I love you princess and look again, it did not happen like that. I will never leave my baby and my wife. I would die before leaving them. They were at the hotel [in Vegas] and that’s what they consider blocked. But look, she’s right, I will not even defend her. I was wrong.’

According to him, they were arguing over buying a new house: “I wanted to stay in Vegas and she wanted to stay in LA until I bought a house and other things. I’m done with Vegas, I hate Vegas, I’m done – never again. I have to compromise and do better. I have to do better and understand that my wife is pregnant and that I have to think a little bit wiser. “

Finally, at the end of the conversation with Wendy, she asked Ray if he was faithful to Princess or if they had an open marriage.


Ray pointed out that they are definitely not in an open marriage because he would never get married if he had not been devoted to this relationship.

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