Ray J visits Wendy Williams: explains the situation with Princess Love and delivers an ugly message from Suge Knight

Ray and Princess

Ray J made one of his business and his personal life. The singer visited the Wendy Williams Show where he was grilled about both.

If you do not know the latest scandal in which Ray J found himself, his wife, Princess Love, has publicly stated that she wanted to divorce after leaving her with her daughter “stuck” in Las Vegas while she was six months pregnant.

Social network users later learned that Ray J had not left Sin City, but had jumped into hotels while having fun.

Wendy immediately asked if he was leaving Princess and going to the strip club.

He replied, “No, I would never do it. I love you princess and look again, it did not happen like that. I will never leave my baby and my wife. I would die first before leaving them. ‘

She also asked why he had been spotted without his wedding ring.

Norwood replied, “My hands were ashen. I had to put lotion. When I arrived at the door, I had no lotion and boom, there they had the picture. When you are black and wash your hands after going to the bathroom, you are ashen.

It has recently been reported that Suge Knight bequeathed his legacy to Ray’s Death Row Records, which he had to handle until his release from prison.

The host of the TV show asked him about the situation in which he had decided to send a message that Suge had sent him yesterday.

“He said he had found out that I was suing Wendy and he said,” Tell Wendy not to ask me about death row or me because she never treated me like that. must or has never said anything nice. “


Williams responded by denying the claims and saying it was not his fault that he “knocked a man down and crushed him again”.

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