Read Dead Online: Moonshiners now available on Xbox One

Go white flash as a black market pirate in Moonshiners, the latest Frontier Pursuit Red Dead Online, Open your own moonshining business with a notorious distillery and run it on the new Shack property.

Moonshining takes your trader skills to the next level and gives you your first deal outside of the warehouse. Not only do they have to procure ingredients and manufacture the goods, they also have to know the requirements of the market and adapt their shipments to the taste of the buyers. In this sense, Moonshining requires that you have cut your teeth as a trader and have reached at least rank 5 or completed a Trader Sell mission. Once that is achieved, Cripps will connect you with Maggie Fike at the Emerald Ranch, an old hand in the pirated shop that will help you get your upswing going.

In order to do a proper gloss trade – and not around Lemoyne Raiders’ backwoods – you need a property. Get in touch with Maggie to buy one of five moonlight huts where you will run your business. Once you’ve found your cook and equipment, Maggie will maintain the front of the upstairs homestead while the art of distillation takes place on the ground floor. The basement has room for optional extensions, including a bar, space for a band, and a dance floor, with additional upgrades for your moonlight gear.

A new set of story missions await you on your trading trip, which you can record on your own or with your posse, as Maggie Fike will help you build your business and take a little revenge yourself. Each mission brings you benefits to drive your business by eliminating rivals, learning new recipes, and building a solid customer base. Expand your emerging business by developing different blends and spreading them across the five states. You can also serve customers directly while entertaining friends by expanding your own bar.

Like all Specialist Roles, the Moonshiner has a unique development path that unlocks bespoke clothing and accessories, equipment upgrades to improve business, new weapons like the Flammable Moonshine Jug and a unique decorative design for the Sawed-Off Shotgun, the new horse breeds and more.

Outlaw Pass No. 2

The Outlaw Pass returns with 100 new rewards that include brand new clothing and accessories. In addition, XP is increased during club membership and gold gifts are given up to 40 gold bars. You’ll also get a variety of offers and rewards, a new feature in Red Dead Online, described below.

Plus, with free Wheeler, Rawson, and Co. Club membership, you can choose benefits until March 10, 2020 when you earn XP. All Red Dead Online players are automatically registered to the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. clubs by just playing.

For more information on Outlaw Pass # 2 and the Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Club, visit the official website.

Additional updates

Offers and Rewards is a new feature in Red Dead Online, which you can find on the Benefits page of the Pause menu. The Offers and Rewards page shows your collection of gifts, discounts, and promotions that can be applied to a range of goods. Rewards include gifts such as gold bars, refills on traders and Moonshiner business items, clothing and accessories, and other free gifts. With offers you get discounts on selected items. Visit the Benefits page regularly to find out about the latest deals, rewards and ongoing promotions in Red Dead Online every week.

Today’s Red Dead Online update also includes new items of clothing, including bandoliers and corsets (with more items that will be available in the coming weeks), a powerful new weapon in the Navy Revolver, and other gameplay improvements and improvements we continue to develop and refine the game world. Today’s update includes the following improvements:

  • The ability to swap weapons quickly in the heat of the moment – simply assign a “quick selection” firearm in the weapon wheel and then tap LB during the game to quickly switch between it and your currently equipped weapon (you can change your weapon with holster, double tap on LB or by selecting Unarmed in the Weapon Wheel)
  • Realign skill cards on certain cards and limit the use of tonic to ensure a level playing field for all players
  • Accessibility when fishing has been improved so players can catch a key while holding the button down instead of circling the analog stick
  • Increased stability for horses, which reduces the likelihood that your horse will fall off after a collision, and that it will get up faster after a fall or resuscitation

We’ve also added the ability to spawn directly in your camp and made improvements to address the issue that players had when building their camps. We will continue to work on solving these problems. As always, your direct feedback on Red Dead Online is an integral part of our ongoing work. Please visit our feedback page to let us know what you think.

Also be sure to get a range of discounts, including 5 gold bars from the meat table, rewards like a free mash refill for Moonshiners and a free refill for traders, and bonuses like RDO $ 200 for every role you start. Visit the Social Club Events page for a complete overview of current bonuses and discounts.

New Twitch Prime benefits

If you are a Twitch Prime member who has already linked their Social Club account to Twitch Prime and has taken advantage, you will receive a free polished copper upgrade for your Moonshine business that will help you brew bigger batches and improve your bar. You can get the collection bag for free even if you have not yet followed the path of a collector – you will find valuable treasures and exchange them with Madam Nazar.

Red Dead Online players who become Twitch Prime subscribers on or after December 13 can purchase both free of charge within 72 hours of becoming Twitch Prime members.

Moonshiners is now available in Red Dead Online for Xbox One.

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