Real and Barcelona play the second Clasico in America as part of the “Champions Tour”

Barcelona: Real Madrid today announced their US tour schedule as part of the team’s preparations for the new football season, indicating that it will include three games, starting with a confrontation with their traditional stubborn rival Barcelona in Las Vegas. The visit of the two teams to the United States of America this summer is part of the “Friendly Champions Tour”, where Barcelona will play four games also during this tour, in which he will also meet Juventus in Dallas. Real and Barcelona will meet at the “Classico” and at the D in Las Vegas on July 23, as part of the activities of the “Champions Tour”, which will see the confrontation between Barcelona and Juventus in Dallas on the 26th of the same month. In the same round, Barcelona will meet Inter Miami on July 19th, while they will conclude their tour with a meeting with the New York Red Bulls on the 30th of the same month. On the 26th and 30th of the same month, Real will meet, in addition to match with Barcelona, ​​also the club Mexican Club America in San Francisco and Juventus in Los Angeles. The El Clasico match between Real and Barcelona is the second confrontation between the two teams in American stadiums. The two teams meet at the Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, which has a capacity of 65,000 fans and is the stronghold of the Las Vegas Raiders team, active in the American Football League. The only Clasico match between the two teams in the United States ended with Barcelona winning 3/2 on 30 July 2017, at the “Hard Rock” stadium in Miami in front of more than 64,000 fans, which means that the new match between them in Las Vegas could reach this number of admissions. If the stadiums are completely full, the news agency “Europe Press” reported today, Friday. (Dpa)