Real estate of the Saudi state: in this way we will distribute land and buildings returned by the “Justice”

The Saudi Ministry of Justice returned 186 properties including land and buildings to the General Authority for State Real Estate, after they were no longer needed, for the authority to reuse and allocate them to other government agencies as needed; Which helps to increase the efficiency of state real estate and its optimal use.

This took place during the award by the commission of the Ministry of Justice; For having contributed to the achievement of the strategic objectives of the Authority by maintaining Demanialize the property and increase its production and economic efficiencyAccording to the Saudi news agency, “SPA”.

The Minister of Justice, President of the Supreme Judicial Council, Dr. Walid bin Muhammad Al-Samaani, thanked the governor of the authority, Ihsan Bafaqih, and the employees of the authority for their efforts to improve the quality of the use of state properties in a way that achieves sustainability and efficiency.

The Minister of Justice said that the Ministry of Justice is working in high coordination with the State Real Estate Authority to achieve common goals according to the best mechanisms and capabilities available.

For his part, the governor of the authority, Ihsan Bafaqih, expressed his appreciation to the Minister of Justice at the level of cooperation and integration with the General Authority for State Real Estate; This has led to the maximization of the effectiveness of the state real estate system and the achievement of sustainable development.

He explained that the authority will use these properties arranged by the Ministry of Justice and allocate them for the benefit of other government agencies as a permanent alternative location for buildings. in rent, after studying the needs of the government system in compliance with the standard technicians who achieve the optimal use of these properties without wasting the use of space and the consequent costs Expenses in the management and operation of these properties, which will positively affect the reduction of the real estate rental portfolio for the public administration sectors, in addition to enhancing these properties in major economic and development projects as part of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030.

Bafqih noted that this step comes to activate the regulation of the authority, which aims to regulate, protect and preserve state real estate, how to dispose, exploit, use and invest it. in optimally and supervise and standardize the formulation of related policies, indicating that the authority is working diligently to implement 21 initiatives that achieve its strategic objectives are to define and enforce an integrated and transparent regulatory framework for the state real estate sector, as well as to apply the best specifications e standard in real estate government matters, rationalizing rental and expropriation costs for public bodies with the application of standard of energy efficiency.

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