Real Madrid starts their games in the new year by losing to Getafe in the Spanish league

Madrid: Real Madrid kicked off their games in the new year with a 1-0 defeat to their host Getafe during the match that brought them together Sunday in the nineteenth round of the Spanish football league. Getafe owes this victory to Enis Onal, who scored the only goal of the match in the ninth minute. Real Madrid’s balance sheet has stopped at 46 points in lead the standings, while Getafe raised their score to 18 points in 16th place. The beginning of the match he arrived cautiously on both sides for fear of fitting in in goals in advance that confuse the accounts, which has led to the lack of real opportunities in leads in the first minutes of the race. This didn’t last long.In the ninth minute, Getafe scored the goal when Real Madrid defender Eder Militao badly controlled the ball to be cut by Enis Unal del Getafe, facing Thibaut Courtois, before firing the ball in brings. After the goal, the Real team tried to control the midfield to launch attacks in search of the equalizer, and in fact Madrid imposed control during the match, and Getafe withdrew to midfield to keep the advantage. Real were close to equalizing in the 16 ‘when a corner kick was played short to Luka Modric outside the boxarea penalty from the right side, to hit a powerful ball that passed near the left post. At 18 ‘Real close to the equalizer when the ball reaches Luka Modric on the edge ofarea penalty to hit a powerful ball, but hits the crossbar. Real Madrid’s offensive attempts continued in search of an equalizer, but failed to penetrate the strong and organized defense of Getafe players to limit play to midfield. Although Real besieged Getafe in the middle of their stadium and their offensive attempts continued but failed to pose any danger in door, minutes passed without news before the referee whistled at halftime, with Getafe advancing with a clean goal. With the start of the second half, Real Madrid stepped up their attacking attempts in search of a draw, while Getafe retreated to midfield and relied on tight spaces with counterattacks whenever they got the chance. . Despite Madrid’s control, he failed to pose any danger to Getafe’s goal in the opening minutes of this half. The 57th minute saw Real Madrid’s first attempts against Getafe when Luka Modric fired a powerful ball from the edge of thearea penalty, but goalkeeper David Soria saved the ball by decision. Real Madrid’s offensive attempts continued in search of a score adjustment, but failed to penetrate the Getafe defense, limiting play to midfield. The game remained confined to the center of the field until the 76th minute, which saw a dangerous opportunity for Real when they played a cross from the left, which the defense removed to prepare for Casemiro on the edge of thearea penalty to hit a strong ball, but David Soria, goalkeeper of Getafe, turns it with difficulty for a corner kick that is not used. In the first minute of extra time of the match, Real almost equalized with a corner kick played inside thearea penalty of Getafe: Isco gets up and hits his head, but Syria shines and saves. The remainder of the second half passes without news, before the referee whistles at the end of the game, with Getafe winning over Real Madrid with a clean goal. (Dpa)

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