Realms Plus is here | Minecraft

Are you familiar with Minecraft Realms? It was Our monthly subscription service that allows you and up to ten friends to play online Minecraft multiplayer on your own private server! And since today it’s FOREVER GONE

The good news, though, is that we can replace it with something better. Realms Plus! With this new monthly subscription service, you will continue to get your own private server that you and your friends can enjoy. Plus, you get over fifty Minecraft Marketplace content. Everything for the same price!

If you are currently subscribed to Minecraft Realms, you will receive a free upgrade to Realms Plus. If you do not currently subscribe to Minecraft Realms, you will not receive a free upgrade to Realms Plus because we have settled the numbers and this does not appear to be a good business model for us. We are sorry! Take comfort in the fact that You can try your first month of Realms Plus for free.

Let’s enjoy the trailer:

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