Reciprocity: Russia refuses 8 European officials die entry

Russia announced on Friday die Imposing sanctions on eight European officials, including the President of the European Parliament, in response to die Sanctions, die die European Union in March in had imposed a new tension between Moscow and the West.

The Russian Foreign Ministry stated in a statement that “die European Union continues its policy on the basis of unlawful unilateral restrictions on Russian citizens and organizations “, declaring that eight European officials, including the President of the European Parliament, David Maria Sassoli and Berlin, have been prevented from entering Russian territory, Prosecutor Jörg Raubach.

The statement said that Russia is responding to it, in particular to die Sanctions, die die European Union imposed on senior Russian officials on March 2nd and 22nd what Moscow saw as a move aimed at creating “an open challenge for die Independence of the Russian citizen in To take attack “and foreign policy.”

Serious human rights violations

On March 2nd there was die European Union announced its decision to impose restrictions on four Russian citizens die in their view for grave human rights violations, in particular arbitrary arrests and detentions, and for widespread and systematic suppression of the freedom of peaceful assembly in Russia are responsible for Russia.

These measures included, in particular, an entry ban for die European Union and the freezing of the assets of these officials, including the head of the Russian Commission of Inquiry, Alexander Bastrichen and Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov.

On March 22nd, the Council of the European Union decided to die for serious human rights violations in different countries are responsible for imposing restrictions, particularly through torture and repression, of members of the LGBT community and political opponents in Chechnya, the Republic of the Russian Caucasus.

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