“Reconstructing Yemen” holds a seminar with the United Nations Development Program to strengthen cooperation

Today, at its headquarters in Riyadh, the Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen organized a seminar with the United Nations Development Program to strengthen existing cooperation between the two sides, led by the Resident Deputy Representative of the Development Program of the United Nations in Yemen, Dr. Nahid Hussein and the Assistant Supervisor General of SDRPY Yemen, Eng. Hassan Al-Attas. The Assistant Supervisor General of the SDRPY, Eng. Hassan Al-Attas, welcomed the participating delegation of the United Nations Development Program in Yemen, praising the permanent cooperation between the two sides, stressing the importance of coordinating efforts in the field development and reconstruction in Yemen and the development of this fruitful cooperation In an effective framework and exiting the seminar with an action plan to strengthen cooperation in qualitative projects in the areas of interest between the two parties.

The seminar looked at the situation of the fishing sector in Yemeni governorates and also discussed ways of cooperating in support of the fishing sector and other sectors related to food security in Yemen, to improve the daily life and lives of the Yemeni brothers.

The seminar highlighted the importance of cooperation in strengthening Yemeni institutions, building their capacities and coordinating donor efforts. in cooperation with the Yemeni government, in light of the presence of an appropriate ground to define a development vision in Yemen led by the Yemeni government.

In the agriculture and fisheries sector, the SDRPY presented 18 development projects and initiatives, including seven projects and 11 development initiatives which included promoting the use of modern agricultural technologies and systems, projects to provide fully equipped greenhouses and projects to supply and distribute fishing boats with modern engines, to increase the pace and quality of production By stimulating sustainable food production and empowering the brothers who work in this sector to contribute to the achievement of self-sufficiency.

These efforts are part of the support of the Saudi Development and Reconstruction Program for Yemen, which has implemented 224 development projects and initiatives in various Yemeni governorates, serving the Yemeni brothers in seven main sectors, namely education, health, water, energy, transport, agriculture and fisheries and capacity building of government institutions, as well as development programs.