Red Dead Redemption 2: how to vomit rope to avoid fall damage

Coming to a sheer cliff or different steep drop in Red Dead Redemption 2 — or any open-world game, actually — all the time poses a dilemma to me, as a dedicated role-player. Do I seek for fairly negotiable route down, taking the additional time? Do I fast journey, breaking immersion? Do I leap to my death and respawn elsewhere for comfort’s sake?

Some enterprising RDR2 sorts have give you one other selection: Vomit roping. They’ve found out that blowin’ chunks whereas falling off a cliff creates a strand of life-saving puke that spares your character from falling damage.

OK, the inexperienced rope popping out of your mouth isn’t truly what saves you. It’s the truth that the barf animation overrides the falling animation, such that the falling course of (wherein you land and take beaucoup damage) by no means completes.

Easy sufficient, however how does one pull the set off? Likelihood is, you’re carrying an expurgative or two in your stock — i.e. herbs. In this video, spied first by VG24/7, participant Darereal chows down on some Widespread Bulrush, which makes your character barf pronto. Different herbs could cause make them puke, too, however many take longer to take impact. Widespread bulrush could also be discovered nearly anyplace close to a body of water.

Due to the barf path, gamers have taken to calling this “vomit roping,” however I feel it wants a greater, maybe punnier identify. Could I counsel:

  • The Ol’ Mountain Holler
  • Yodel-ay-hee-spew
  • Booting Down
  • Ralph-pelling
  • The Liquid Plummet

Anybody acquired any higher concepts? I’m all ears.

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