Gaming Red Dead Redemption 2 tilt shift mod makes everything...

Red Dead Redemption 2 tilt shift mod makes everything tiny and cute


Red Dead Redemption 2 is a reasonable and often grim take a look at life on the American frontier. A brand-new point of view on Red Dead Redemption 2, tilt- moved to make everything look model-train-sized, makes the Wild West look definitely lovable.

YouTube channel Red Dead Online Guides created the above tilt- moved video for Red Dead Redemption 2, flaunting the wilderness and towns like Strawberry and St. Denis from a Cities: Horizons-like point of view. This isn’t always a mod that you can install for the Windows PC version of Red Dead Redemption 2; it took some work.

Red Dead Online Guides explained the process on Reddit:

RDR does not have Rockstar Editor or any cool in game recording performance like GTA had, so I needed to utilize an open cam mod & fitness instructor that ‘d enable me to position my character in, yet concealed away so everything rendered appropriately with very little pop-in, then I might go far out with a video camera and tinker the field of view/zoom and so on

Then utilizing [Adobe Premiere], I ‘d add a color modification (saturation to make it a bit toy like) and a blur to attempt and phony the depth of field/perspective considering that I can’t do that ingame I ‘d change the playback speed & framerate so the end result is something comparable to RDR2 if it was a Cities Skylines growth.

When even the public hangings look this teeny and cute, you understand you have actually struck a nerve. Ideally some resourceful modder will whip this tilt-shift mod into something every Red Dead Redemption 2 gamer on PC can utilize.

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