Red Hood: Jason Todd just became a helper again

ATTENTION: the following article contains spoilers for “What #! $% Is Task Force Z” Part 1 from Detective Comics # 1041, on sale now from DC Comics.

Jason Todd’s Robin may have been a companion, but Little Red Riding Hood always impressed out on its the same. Since the character returned to Gotham, he has rebelled against the ideals of his mentor and created his own path since. Even if he drove alone team of outlaw in the past, this does not mean that it has always worked well with they. Despite his aversion to work with others, however, Jason’s attitude has started to change recently, so much so that it could just become someone else’s mate.

Backup story “What is Task Force Z #! $%” Part 1 in Investigative comics # 1041 by Matthew Rosenberg, Darick Robertson, Diego Rodriguez and Rob Leigh follows journalist Deb Donovan as she hunts for the truth About story based on an anonymous suggestion. After unknowingly receiving a note on the city the transit of system, Donovan investigates Gotham’s morgues. In first, it seems there isn’t story at all, but when the body of Astrid Arkham, the Arkham Knight, is discovered as missing, things start to take some more dangerous.

Shortly after leaving the morgue with the missing body, Donovan is threatened with a gun from a unknown attacker. They demand that she drop the story or other. It seems like they would follow on their death even a threat, if not for timely intervention of the hooded crusader. After saving the reporter’s life, Batman tells her to do it drop the story.

Shortly after this incident, he contacts his fellow reporter Vicki Vale. Initially, Vale believes Donovan should pursue it, even wanting to take the story herself. However, when she finds out that Batman told her to do it move on why the story she is too dangerous changes its melody and its sides with the dark Knight.

Despite the warnings of these two veteran experts of of Gotham criminal underworld, Donovan again plans to investigate. When she gets it back to his apartment, he finds out who I gave her a tip off to this mystery in the first place – none other than Little Red Riding Hood.

After the part he played in taking down the villain Cheer, Red Hood is refocusing its methods and it looks like like which may include its location on partner. It is important to note that Jason was the one who looked for out Donovan here, which means he needs his experience and doesn’t want to do this survey on its the same. This both shows a change in his character and in how he operates. Usually, he wants to take the lead But it seems like, this one time at least, is willing to follow Donovan and her unique skills instead.

However, it is should note that this is a prelude to the next Task Force Z series by Matthew Rosenberg, Eddy Barrows and Eber Ferreira. While Donovan and Red Hood are clearly investigating this upcoming one team And how will come together, the leader of this team eventually it will be Jason Todd. This of obviously puts in discussion of fate of this new partnership and whether it can be condemned by start. When the two find out the truth on Task Force X how Will Jason end? up betray Donovan e joining the team? Or maybe it will find a way to make them abandon the story entirely to keep her away from danger. After seeing her determination shows here, questlast seems unlikely, which begs the question, what will it become? of Deb Donovan?

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