Reddit and Xbox Live connect

The Xbox family is growing! We’re excited to offer users more ways to connect their Xbox Live accounts to other game-related social networks. Now users can link Reddit to their Xbox Live profile.

In a cross-play world, it is becoming increasingly important to present and link your different accounts in networks. And you can engage and connect with your Xbox Live friends anywhere!

Link your account to Reddit

Linking your Xbox Live account to Reddit will also make you an official subreddit subscriber to the r / XboxInsiders community. The Xbox Insider Subreddit is the best place for community discussions, community support, official Xbox Insider staff, and important program announcements!

So what does Reddit link look like?

When you link your Reddit and Xbox Live accounts, you get a cool new trophy for your Reddit profile! You can also view your Reddit account on your profile and profile card on Xbox (currently available in the Game Bar and in the Xbox (Beta) app).

Are there any requirements?

Before you start, you need to meet a few requirements to use the Windows 10 Game Bar and the Xbox (Beta) app on your PC:

  1. Get the latest Windows 10 update for your PC
  2. Download the latest version of the Xbox (Beta) app or accept existing updates
  3. More information about the Game Bar for Windows 10 can be found here

Where else can I link my Xbox Live account?

By linking to social networks, we’ve enabled new features that make it easy for you to share where you are and find your friends online:

  • Identity: View linked social networks in Xbox profiles and profile cards (available in Game Bar and Xbox (Beta) PC app)
  • Find friends: Find and follow existing friends on other social networks, currently with Facebook and Steam (available on FB in the console, Steam and FB in the Game Bar and the Xbox (Beta) PC app)
  • Presence release: Share your Xbox One presence with Discord profiles / servers (available on the Xbox One console, Game Bar and Xbox (Beta) PC app)

But that’s not all! For more information on linking accounts, see below:

  • Twitter: Linking your Xbox Live account to Twitter on Xbox One allows users to share screenshots and videos with Twitter. On PC, you can also view your Twitter account on your Xbox Live profile + profile card
  • Facebook: By linking to Facebook, you can find Facebook friends who have also linked their Xbox Live accounts
  • Discord: Linking to Discord allows users to share their Xbox One presence information. (The presence of a user indicates what games they are playing on the Xbox One console.) This will display their Discord account on their Xbox Live profile + profile card
  • Twitch: By linking to Twitch on PC (Game Bar and Xbox (Beta) app), users can view their Twitch channel on their Xbox Live profile + profile card
  • Steam: By linking to Steam on PC (Game Bar and Xbox (Beta) app), users can view their Steam profile on their Xbox Live profile + player card and find their Steam friends who have linked their accounts

Thank you for participating as an Xbox Insider! We can’t wait to see you in the subreddit.

For more information on the Xbox Insider program, visit Twitter at @XboxInsider and this blog with release notes, announcements, and more.

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