Reddit Angers Users by Sunsetting Coins and Awards System: New Rewards System in the Works

Anger Among Reddit Users as the Platform Sunsets Coins and Awards System

After triggering protests over its API changes, Reddit is making another change that is angering its users, as the company announced that it’s sunsetting its coins and awards system. Although the platform says it’s working on a new rewards system, it hasn’t provided any details about when it could launch. In the past, users have been able to purchase Reddit Coins and spend them on awards for others.

Reddit users are expressing their frustration as the platform prepares to sunset its coins and awards system. The company announced the move, stating that it aims to simplify the platform and overhaul how rewards work. While a new rewards system is in the works, Reddit has not divulged any specifics about its launch date or features.

As of today, users can no longer purchase new coins, but all existing coins and awards will remain available until September 12, 2023. The decision to sunset the current system before implementing the new one has left many users upset, as it leaves the platform without a rewards system in place.

In a blog post addressing the change, Reddit acknowledged that the existing system of awards and coins needs to be reimagined. The company is committed to rewarding content and contribution, and it plans to reveal more about the new direction for awarding high-quality contributions in the coming months.

Reddit’s coins and awards system played a vital role in community engagement on the platform. Users would purchase coins and spend them to recognize and appreciate good contributions from fellow members. Awards were displayed as icons on posts, with over 50 types of awards currently available.

However, Reddit claims that many users found the process of awarding content burdensome and the clutter caused by awards undesirable. The platform aims to create a new, simplified rewards system that is easy to use and understand.

But Reddit faces criticism from its user base. Many feel that removing a popular feature without a ready replacement undermines the platform’s value. Some users express concern that premium fees will remain unchanged despite the removal of the awards system.


Reddit’s Controversial Move: Sunsetting Coins and Awards

Platform Simplification Sparks User Backlash

Angering its users once again, Reddit has announced the discontinuation of its coins and awards system. The platform acknowledges the need for a revamped rewards system but provides no timeline for its release.

Redditors Express Frustration with Lack of Details

The absence of specific information about the new rewards system has left Reddit users without a clear understanding of what to expect. Despite the platform’s promises of a simpler and more empowering system, users remain skeptical.

The Power of Recognition Lost: Impact on Community Interaction

Reddit’s coins and awards system served as a means for community members to acknowledge and reward each other’s contributions. Removing this feature has led to disappointment and dissatisfaction among users.

Reddit’s Response: Vague Promises and Upset Users

While Reddit claims to prioritize rewarding content and contribution, their decision to sunset the existing system before implementing the new one has caused frustration among users. They want answers and assurance that their engagement efforts will be adequately acknowledged on the platform.

Steep Challenges Ahead: Overhauling a Beloved Feature

Reddit faces an uphill battle in designing a new awards system that can surpass the popularity and functionality of the previous one. The success of the revamped rewards system heavily depends on Reddit’s ability to listen to user feedback.

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