Registration of the first flash "COVID-19" to Tuvalu

Tuvalu has reported 140 cases of Covid-19, according to Radio New Zealand.

And the radio indicates that this is the first case on the island of Tuvalu since the start of the novel coronavirus pandemic, as authorities announced the diagnosis of the first Covid-19 infection in November. 2, and within a week, doctors diagnosed 140 new infections, and one of the victims was transferred to the hospital.

It is reported that the island of Tuvalu, with a population of 11.9 thousand people, has so far been considered completely free from the emerging coronavirus, since not a single infection has been recorded on it since the beginning of the pandemic. About 97 percent of the population over 5 years of age received the Covid-19 vaccine, and about 81 percent of them received the third dose of the vaccine.

Source: TASS