Relations between Saudi Arabia and Pakistan . a solid foundation whose essence is the unity of faith and brotherhood

Bilateral relations between the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and the Islamic Republic of Pakistan are based on solid foundations, the essence of which is unity of faith and brotherhood, and the weight they place on various Islamic, regional and international levels. levels, are characterized by “convergence and mutual respect” and politically by “understanding and integration of roles” in order to strengthen the process of joint action and an influential force on various issues, at continental and international level.

The relations between the two sides date back to April 1940, seven years before Pakistan’s independence from the British crown, which after the independence of 1947 is heading towards a new horizon of cooperation and friendship and will be the closest Muslim ally of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, which itself was one of the first countries to recognize the sovereignty of Pakistan and its borders on the world map. .

The Kingdom has a special place in the hearts of the Pakistani people and enjoys great respect and appreciation in all official, partisan, Islamic and popular Pakistani political circles, based on Islamic ties and on the solid foundations of relations between the two brother countries and peoples on a bilateral and Islamic level, in how much the Kingdom is one of the leading countries for joint Islamic action, and for its continued support to the Republic of Pakistan from its independence until today, and for the integrated services it provides to pilgrims and visitors to the Two Holy Mosques and major projects in the holy places.

The leaders of the two sister countries in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan have been eager for over seven decades to strengthen relations between the two countries, framed by the two sides’ commitment to moderation in their political approach, openness to the world and coordination between their policies and cooperation in international forums, which it has been an effective dimension in the growing pace of bilateral relations between them at various levels, and has risen to the level of “strategic partnership” and strengthening their relations in all political, military, security, social and development fields, serving the interests of the two fraternal peoples and the Islamic nation.

The “Saudi-Pakistan” partnership has active roles in solving the problems facing the Islamic nation in Worldwide in as founding members of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation, in addition to their efforts for the pace and regional and global security, committed to continuing to combat extremism and terrorism, and supporting them by the international community in fulfilling its responsibilities towards concerted international efforts to combat it. .

The leadership of both countries is looking forward to benefiting from all available channels to improve bilateral trade and investment and encourage communication between the two peoples and between businessmen, within the framework of the Saudi-Pakistani Coordination Council to facilitate bilateral trade, in addition to supporting the military and cooperation in safety matters.

Aspects of support between the two sides are identical to benefit from their capabilities, so it was emphasized that the Kingdom Vision 2030 helps to strengthen cooperation with Pakistan in various fields, especially economic and tourist, in one moment in which the Kingdom appreciates the efforts of the government of Islamabad to develop the economic and social structure of its country and the capabilities of the China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) as a contribution to development and prosperity in the region.

The Kingdom is interested in the development and prosperity of Pakistan, as the Saudi Development Fund has provided numerous development aid, including the provision of 20 development loans to help finance the implementation of 17 development projects in the fields of energy, dams, water, sanitation, transport and infrastructure, worth 3.5 billion riyals, and export financing and guarantee worth 17.6 billion riyals, financing to support the import of Pakistan of Saudi oil derivatives worth 270 million and the allocation of three grants worth 1.250 billion euros to finance reconstruction and rehabilitation projects for earthquake areas, in addition to continued additional support to Pakistan through the King Salman Center for Relief and Humanitarian Action to address the devastating effects of earthquakes.

Based on the directives of wise leadership – may God support it – the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center has implemented 147 projects as of March 31, 2022 AD, for a total cost of $ 141,494,172, including 35 projects in food security, 34 projects in the housing and non-food sectors, and 29 projects in health, 18 projects in education, 13 projects in water and sanitation, 8 projects in charitable works, 8 projects in several sectors, one project in nutrition, and the same in early recovery.

The Kingdom Vision 2030 is appreciated and respected by many influential Pakistani leaders, in what represents a qualitative leap in mature Saudi political thought, reflects the moderate approach of Islam and enshrines the values ​​of tolerance and peaceful coexistence, and offers opportunities and possibilities for the two countries to enter in investment partnerships and alliances as part of the vision initiatives.

The two countries have translated this strategic relationship with an extensive exchange of visits, which has led on the one hand to the strengthening of these relations and on the other to the achievement of common interests that bring good to the region. described – may God support it – as inserted in the framework of the historical and close relations between the two countries, and an affirmation of the common desire of the leaders of the two countries to consolidate and develop all aspects of the relationship on a bilateral level in a way that promotes common interests and satisfies the aspirations of the two fraternal peoples and for consultation and coordination on matters of common interest at the regional and international level, which leads to serving the two countries and strengthening their role in maintaining security and pace and support development at regional and international level, in particularly by serving Islamic issues and interests and by strengthening the role of the Organization for Islamic Cooperation.

The visit of the Guardian of the Two Holy Mosques led to meetings with His Excellency President Mamnoon Hussain, then President of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, and senior Pakistani officials, to review bilateral cooperation relations and ways to support and develop them. in all fields, while i media Pakistani officials described this visit as historic, noting its importance, which confirms the will of the two countries to strengthen and develop bilateral relations at various levels.

In order to strengthen the politics of the two sister countries and to work together to achieve their goals and devote their efforts to various Islamic and international issues, the official visit of His Royal Highness Prince Muhammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Crown Prince , Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense – may God protect him – in Pakistan in 2019, led a delegation Ministers and high-ranking businessmen say that the bilateral relationship is based on the principle of Islamic solidarity, and that it is a model for other nations to follow, given the steady development it has witnessed in the during his life, which both countries benefited from.

This station entered the joint cooperation process between “Riyadh and Islamabad” to demonstrate the solid foundations laid by the founders of the two countries based on “honesty, mutual understanding and mutual respect”, whose future would be strengthened by the Joint Coordination Council to develop relations bilateral and make them institutional relations in various fields and push them towards wider horizons. .

This visit gave a boost to growing economic relations, with the two sides signing a series of agreements and memoranda of understanding, resulting in total investment opportunities in excess of $ 20 billion, which helps to increase inter-investment and the volume of trade between the two sister countries.

In May 2021, His Royal Highness Prince Muhammad bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, Crown Prince, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defense, received Imran Khan, Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan at the Royal Court of the Peace Palace in Jeddah. where they held a session of talks to strengthen bilateral relations and signed an agreement to establish a council The Supreme Saudi-Pakistani coordination, as well as the signing of two agreements and two memoranda of understanding.

The work of the Saudi-Pakistani Supreme Coordination Council represents a starting point in the process of Saudi-Pakistani relations and the Council reflects the enthusiasm of the two leaderships in institutionalizing and structuring relations, transferring them to broader horizons. in all fields and to introduce political, economic, investment, security and military initiatives in the framework of complementary strategic cooperation, in in line with the aspirations of the two countries. Building a long-term strategic partnership.

The private sector in the two countries has enormous investment and trade opportunities in various sectors, including mining, petrochemical, food and pharmaceutical and other sectors.The Kingdom wishes to remove obstacles to the development of trade between the two countries and supports efforts to develop economic, trade and tourism relations and strengthen partnership opportunities in various sectors, in proportion to the size of the two countries, their regional and international position and their great potential.

Mutual visits by the leaders of the two brother countries helped to strengthen relations between them, in in particular bilateral agreements in numerous political, educational, economic, investment and other fields.

In support of the initiative launched by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in about the Middle East, the Prime Minister of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, Imran Khan, attended the Summit of the Green Middle East Initiative, which was held in Riyadh in October 2021.

To complement these illustrious relationships, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia donated to the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in November 2021 AD the King Abdulaziz Mosque in the city of Mansirah and the King Fahd mosque in the city of Muzaffarabad.