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Relieving Chronic Pain Through Watching Movies: An Alternative to Exercise

Several studies show that TV sitting is a major public health hazard, but some experts point out that there are benefits to be gained from this daily habit.

Experts say that watching horror movies like “Silence” of The Lambs and Scream can be very helpful when it comes to pain relief.

Pain expert and chiropractor Paul Allen of The Fibro Guy notes that his clients who enjoyed horror films often had better pain control, and science can back this up.

“In fact, some research suggests that horror movies can be good for the anxious mind in the same way that exercise helps, which is great because I’m sure many people would rather watch a movie than go for a run every time. Allen explained.

The main reason many people avoid horror movies is the tension of watching, which actually allows you to switch your attention from chronic pain to something else.

Allen explained, “Horror films give you the opportunity to experience stress in a controlled environment, which helps you put yourself in fight-or-flight response mode. Also, there’s a stark difference between stressing you out on purpose versus stressing you out.” . . and you can turn off the TV at any time if something goes wrong.”

There are many pleasant chemicals, such as endorphins and dopamine, that your body can release when watching horror movies.

“The release of endorphins is common when watching horror movies, and since one of their main purposes is to mask pain and stress, it won’t take long to see how this can help a person with chronic pain,” Allen said.

He continued, “Dopamine is a neurotransmitter that, while helping with motivation and movement control, also gives you feelings of pleasure and reward.”

Whether you’re going to the movies or watching a movie on TV, immersing yourself in someone else’s story is a great way to get away from your own.

“Many people living with chronic pain report that even an hour of watching their favorite TV shows can help them get distracted and relieve pain,” Allen explained.

In fact, a study of people’s resilience during the Covid-19 outbreak found that those who watched horrifying clips were more resilient to the epidemic.

Another reason horror films help relieve chronic pain is because they provide sensory input. In the sense that “horror movies help sharpen your senses while you’re looking for danger in the movie, which takes your mind off the pain.”

While horror movies can help relieve pain temporarily, the NHS recommends seeing a doctor if you’ve been in pain for 12 weeks or longer.

Source: Express


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